Hear From our Clients 

I can’t begin to express how happy I am that red light came into our lives! I’ve been suffering from chronic pain for a majority of my life and finally have found some relief which in turn helps me sleep! Coming from the beauty industry myself, the anti-aging aspect is the best bonus a girl could ask for ;) Who wouldn’t love that! Our life wouldn’t be the same without it or without them~ XOX
— Dana B.
This is the real thing. No smoke and mirrors; this therapy works. Read up on it; understand the benefits. Look for negative reviews. They don’t exist. Management is the best and they make its affordable for everyone.
— Chuck C. via yelp

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Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a safe, all natural process that assists in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. The light helps your ENTIRE BODY to produce collagen, elastin and improve your skin structure. Just 3 treatments per week for 20 minutes and you will see amazing results with this therapy. There is no UV or tanning from this unit. Just pure, therapeutic red light that will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and assist in anti-aging.